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GE-water-filterMost refrigerators have water filters to make sure that the water and ice they dispense is clean.  These filters can be expensive–costing anywhere from $40 to nearly $100. Here’s an easy way to install a bypass filter that will cost just over $10.

If you replace the filter every 6 months, this trick could save you $60 to $180 a year!

Bypass the filter

Rather than using the expensive water filter that fits your particular model of refrigerator, put a filter in the water tube that goes to your fridge. Then you can use any kind of filter you want at a fraction of the cost of those produced by refrigerator manufacturers.

I use the GE GXRTQR SmartWater Comparable Inline Water Filter Cartridge and it costs about $8 each when you buy a 3-pack on Amazon. It is easy to install in the 1/4 inch clear plastic supply tube that carries the water to your fridge. The supply tube in my kitchen connects to the water supply under the sink, so I simply cut the tube there and installed the inline filter. I screwed Velcro straps to the side of the cabinet to hold the filter into place. When I replace the filter, I also write on it the date to replace it (6 months from the date installed).


Note: Depending on the taste and cleanliness of the water in your house, you can adjust how often you replace the filter. If your water is very clean with good taste, replace the filter less often. But it’s not a good idea to use the same filter forever.  As a filter becomes clogged with contaminants and hard water deposits, it will slow the flow of water to your dispenser and ice maker.