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money-walletPeople in the USA seem to think that if a price is posted in a store, then that is the price you have to pay. But if you have traveled to other countries, chances are you have experienced bartering or negotiating a price. In many countries, it is typical to haggle over a price, even if a price is posted on a product.

Surveys show that in the USA, over half of the time when people ask for a discount or a lower price, they get one. And the success rate for getting a discount on TVs and appliances is more than two thirds. You have a better chance of getting a break at independent stores or regional chains than in larger chains, but don’t be shy in asking.

Ask for a discount on everything, from your Internet service to appliances. You will be surprised how often you can get the product or service for less. Often, the employee or manager has the authority to accept less than the marked price. They may be able to offer you a sale price, even if the sale doesn’t start for a few days or if the sale has already ended. They may be able to mark down a floor sample that is in perfect condition.

Research shows that you’ll come out ahead in a negotiation if you are the first to make an offer, because the initial number acts like an anchor, pulling human judgment toward it. Then don’t argue because that will get your opponent thinking of counterarguments. Let the other party come back with a counteroffer.