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ooma-handsetIf you have a mobile phone, ditch your land line. If you feel you absolutely have to have a land line, sign up for a VoIP service that places calls over your Internet connection for much less than a traditional phone service.

Ooma is a service that gets high marks for customer satisfaction and voice quality. It requires you to buy a $139 Ooma device, but then you get almost free phone service for life. You have to pay the taxes each month, which, depending on your state, run about $3 or $4.

Vonage is a well-known company that offers service for less than $25 a month or try Phone Power for $5 a month.

You could also buy a magicJack PLUS™ VoIP Phone Adapter for $80, then your cost is just $30 a year.

You can also make calls for free. Viber, Skype, Skype Mobile, and Textfree are free apps that allow you to call for free anyone else who has the app.

You can also place video calls for free using Facebook Video Calling or a Google+ Hangout. Heywire and Textfree are free apps that allow you to send texts and pictures for free. Use Skype to make calls from your computer to a landline for about $3 a month. Also use Skype to make unlimited calls to landlines or use Skype to make cheap calls internationally.