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Many people are finding that they can go cashless, since you can now pay for just about everything with debit cards, credit cards, or an app on your mobile phone. 40% of adults have gone cashless for an entire week.

Although being cashless may be convenient, it can also be a threat to being thrifty. People who pay with cash think more about the cost of a purchase, while those who pay with plastic think more about the benefits and are often willing to pay more.


  • If you pay with a credit card, think twice about the cost. If you were counting out dollar bills, would you be willing to pay the price?
  • Using cash may help you stay within your budget. If all you take to a store is cash, you can’t spend more than your budget.
  • Credit cards make it easier to make impulse decisions. Put off any unplanned purchase for a few days to consider whether you really want to spend the money in that way.
  • If you pay with cash, ask for a discount. Smaller stores may be willing to take 2-3% off the price, since cash saves them card transaction fees.