3 Ways to Save on Electronics

Here are 3 ways to save on electronics:

  1. Look for coupons. TechBargains.com offers coupons and other deals. Also check the retailer ads and websites.
  2. Negotiate. Although only 1 in 8 shoppers ask for a better price, those who get a better price end up saving an average of $114 on a TV and $86 on electronics overall. Even though Apple is notorious for sticking with full retail prices, 1 in 4 shoppers at Apple Stores who asked for a better price got it. Typically, if you show a salesperson evidence of a lower price online, they’ll negotiate with you. You can even haggle online. Half of the people who phoned or sent an e-mail to ask an online retailer for a better price got it.
  3. Skip the warranty. Retailers are really pushing warranties because they have high profit margins. However, they are seldom a good buy. Learn more about buying extended warranties.
  4. Compare the prices at Amazon Electronics.

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