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vidangel-logoWith VidAngel, you can stream movies for a dollar a night and filter out things your family doesn’t want to see.

VidAngel was created by an entrepreneur who believes that individuals, in the privacy of their homes, should have the personal freedom to filter out the violence, sex, language, etc. that your family doesn’t want to see. The company tags all of the scenes of a movie that have questionable parts, and then you apply the filters for what you want removed as you watch the movie. You can set your own level of filtering for sex, nudity, immodesty, etc.


In essence, you buy the movie for $20 (because ownership of the movie is necessary in order to legally filter the content), then you can sell it back to the company for $19 in credits, which you can spend on more movies. The net cost is $1/night for SD movies and $2/night for HD movies.

Watch “How $1 Movies Work on VidAngel Sellback:”

VidAngel provides the best of both worlds—a great price and the ability to clean up movies based on your personal taste.