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food-storageThe following is a summary of advice from on how to slash your grocery bill:

1. Where you shop makes all the difference. Find a discount store or one that consistently has the best prices. You may even consider a second-hand food store that carries grocery store rejects, including foods with dented packaging.

2. Make a list and stick to it. Plan your meals ahead and you’ll definitely save money. Don’t just buy what looks good to you as you walk down the store aisles. If you schedule your meals for the week, you’ll always know what to fix each day and you’ll save lots of money by buying just what you need. Food won’t be wasted by going bad before you eat it.

3. Allow room in your cart for discounted and sale items. When you find a good price on non-perishables, be sure to stock up.

4. Clean out your pantry. Every few months, you should look to see what might be sitting around unused in your pantry. You might get a few meals out of what is lurking in the shadows. If you are wondering why it’s there and not sure when you might use it, give it away to a local food shelter.

For more great ideas, read the book Talk About Saving Money: How to Save on Food, Utilities, Car Expenses, Mortgage, and Health Care. Learn how to buy quantities of food and other necessities when they are on sale, and store them to use over several months. Eventually, you’ll have a whole room full of items that were purchased on sale and you won’t have paid full retail prices.