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merry-christmasAs much as you try to embrace the twinkling lights and the sounds of Christmas, stress tends to creep into our lives during this time of year. For most people, the main sources of such stress are related to finances, physical demands, and relationships. While you make your way to family get-togethers and cross off the last items on your shopping list, take these steps to ensure a spirit-filled Christmas:

  • Financial Tips. Stick to a budget. Travel, entertainment, and gifts can add up quickly. Keep track of what you spend to ensure a budget you can afford. Think of the talents and time you can offer to your loved ones. Make homemade gifts for inexpensive, yet meaningful, presents. Plan ahead. Look at ads, websites, and store circulars to ensure finding the lowest prices. Get tips from
  • Physical Demands. Know your body’s limits. Shopping, social gatherings, and cooking meals can easily exhaust your body. Make sure you say no to unnecessary holiday activities. Keep healthy habits. Everyone knows the regret that can surface after a delicious holiday season. Make sure you don’t overindulge on sweats and stay physically active.
  • Relationships. Have realistic expectations. Conflicts and tensions tend to intensify during the holidays when you deal with increased demands. Since family relationships are continually changing, be open to create new traditions and shift plans. Schedule time for fun. Take time for yourself. Put aside at least 15 minutes personal time each day to get a clear mind and refreshed attitude. Reach out to your community. Service is a sure way to lift your spirits and put your life’s problems into perspective.