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Here is a list of items you should always buy at a dollar store. Their quality and price is better than what you’ll find at other stores.

Although some items at a dollar store may not be as well made as brand name items, that isn’t true for all of them. Knowing the right things to buy from a dollar store is a simple and easy way to save a lot of money.

Greeting-CardsKids Toys. Coloring books, gadgets, and other toys will be enjoyed by children just as much as more expensive toys you can find elsewhere.

Greeting Cards. With retail prices of $4 or $5 dollars, cards from the dollar store can be a real bargain.

Craft supplies for Kids. Paint, glitter, and beads can all be found at a dollar store. Although not the quality a serious crafter would be looking for, these items are perfect for kids.

Glassware. Drinking glasses are usually a great deal at a dollar store.

Cotton Swabs. Unless you insist on name brand Q-tips, you can get a box at a dollar store for about a third the price.

Office Supplies. Many office supplies are available at dollar stores for up to one fifth the price as office supply stores. While off-brand tape may not work as well as name-brand tape, you’ll find little difference in paper clips and rubber bands.

Movie Candy. A box of candy will cost you a dollar, rather than $7 or more at the theater.

Cleaning-SuppliesCleaning Supplies. Since most cleaning products contain essentially the same ingredients, you can save a lot by buying generic brand cleaners at the dollar store over a brand name. Even if you have to use a little extra cleaner to get the job done you will still save a ton. The dollar store also sells disposable gloves, cloths, and sponges for much less.

Hair Accessories. Hair clips, elastics, brushes, and combs at the dollar store are pretty similar to more pricey accessories.

Party Supplies. Party plates, napkins, party favors, utensils, and balloons can cost you a lot less at a dollar store compared to a party store.

SocksSocks. Kids’ socks always get lost or ruined, so don’t pay full price.

Buyer beware. Not all items at a dollar store are worth a dollar. You may find some items cheaper at other stores. So, know the prices of the items you buy. For example, you may find better deals on toilet paper and paper towels at other stores. Off-brand batteries may not last nearly as long as name brand batteries.