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Avoid paying unnecessary fees to your bank every month. Check with your bank and see how you can configure your account to avoid ALL FEES.

Don’t get trapped into, “Well, it’s only $10 a month.” They all add up! There may be a minimum balance requirement. Decide if you can meet that consistently. If all else fails, go shopping. There’s always some bank [or credit union] begging for your business with a year or so of free checking. There’s no marriage contract with your bank and there’s no magic staying with the same one for years and years.

Don’t bounce checks. Keep an accurate record of your spending. Bounced check fees can eat you alive. A client of mine was victim to an electronic deposit error by his employer. With only four returned items in his account, the fees totaled over $250! Fortunately the employer reimbursed my client, but the point is made – Bounced Checks Are Worse Than Bank Fees.

From the article “101 Ways To Save Money And Live Better” by Dennis Volz.