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Money magazine (May 2012, p. 12) offers the following advice for college seniors:

  • “Don’t expect a job to come to you. Get out there and network with people.” –Matthew Doyle
  • “Buy a used fuel-efficient car and brown-bag your lunch” –Christine Deloach
  • “Always, always, always, spend less than you bring in.” –Barry Miller
  • “Use only one credit card and pay it off every month without fail. Guard your credit score with your life.” –Shelley Bush Marmon
  • “Start saving for retirement immediately! Don’t wait until you think you can afford it, or until you are older. Put something in there, even if it is only a couple of percent. You will not miss the money.” –David Shanes
  • “Don’t think it’s low to move home and pay off your loans right away. You’ll be on top once you move out.” –Eric Hermosillo
  • “Stay in school and get a graduate degree.” –Neil Currier