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Used with permission from Microsoft.

In the article “9 Ways to Build Your Emergency Fund,” Dave Ramsey suggests ways to build  a $1,000 starter emergency fund. Here’s a summary:

1. Get a second job. No fun, but it’s temporary. There may be some things you can do from home.

2. Sell some stuff. It’s likely that you have lots of stuff you really don’t need that you can sell.

3. Stop eating out so much. Again, it’s temporary. But making your own meals and staying away from restaurants could save you hundreds of dollars a year.

4. Carpool to work and activities. Gas prices are at all-time highs. Sharing the commute to work each day with a co-worker is a smart way to save.

5. Kick habits like smoking, lattes, or shoes, curb your indulgences. Skipping a $4 beverage from Starbucks every morning would save $85 a month.

6. Ditch the premium cable TV channels.

7. Buy used things from eBay or the classifieds.

8. Get a piggy bank and save spare change.

9. Use your energy to find ways to make money doing the things you enjoy and are talented at doing.

Read the entire article to get all the details: “9 Ways to Build Your Emergency Fund