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Here’s a list of 9 things that you probably don’t have to pay for. If you can get them free or at a discount, why pay full price?

This article was adapted from “10 Things You Should Never Pay For” on

1. Magazines

You can get many magazines for free and almost all others can be ordered at a discount—some as low as a dollar per issue. Just search for “discounted magazine [name of the magazine you want]” and you’ll likely find it from a discount magazine broker.

2. Late Fees

There’s nothing more frustrating than paying unnecessary fees. You can usually avoid service fees and overdraft fees with a little diligence. If you set up automatic payments, you’ll conveniently avoid missing payment due dates. Just be sure you have enough money in your checking account to cover the payments.

3. Subscriptions You Don’t Use

Many subscriptions automatically renew every year, so you may be paying for subscriptions you no longer use. Check your statements carefully to find any recurring subscriptions you no longer need.

4. Trash Pick-Up (for Big Items)

Take advantage of services that offer free pick-ups. In many cities, you can call to have large items hauled away at no cost. Some cities offer free clean-up services in the spring or fall.

5. Audiobooks

Audiobooks are generally a single-use purchase—you listen to it once and then archive it. Local libraries often let you check out audiobooks free of charge.

6. Bottled Water

Rather than buying bottles of water, carry around a bottle that you can fill up at drinking fountains. Most convenience stores don’t mind if you politely ask to fill up with filtered water from their soda machine.

7. Tools and Appliances You Only Use Once or Twice

Some can be borrowed from neighbors or checked out from a lending library. That way, you’re not only sharing a resource and cutting down on items that take up space in your cabinet or closet, you’re also avoiding the cost of buying an item that will be used sparingly.

8. Holiday Decor at Full Price

After every holiday, stores discount their holiday merchandise—sometimes as much as 90%. Take advantage to purchase new items to use next year.

9. Children’s Clothing

Kids grow so quickly that it doesn’t always make sense to buy new clothing. Used children’s clothing at second hand stores are usually very little worn.


This article was adapted from “10 Things You Should Never Pay For” on